New Year’s Resolution for Reading

I’m not a fan of resolutions. It figures that I set myself up to fail by January second. But I’ve been trying to set reading goals. Here are a few:

Read from a variety of genres: I love suspense and thriller novels (clearly!) But in recent years, I have challenged myself to pick up books that I might have passed up in the past. I’ve recently read some of the suspense classics (like the original Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie) but also picked up novels that are completely out of my normal go-to style. Examples include historical novels. I’ve discovered a few gems, like The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. But I use to steer clear of the historical genre, judging it without giving it a try. This year, I want to continue the trend of reading from different genres and authors. I want to discover some new authors to add to my favorites list.

Don’t focus on quantity: I don’t need to complete a set amount of novels in a year. I did that last year, but I’d rather have the opportunity to slow down and savor a novel, rather then rush on to the next. I’d also like to read some lengthy novels in the future. Someone recommended The Stand by Steven King, but when I checked it out from the library, it had over a 1,000 pages. Needless to say, my fear of commitment took over and I haven’t read it yet. Maybe this is the year to pick up a long novel, or spend time enjoying what I’m reading without having a daunting TBR list that takes some of the fun out of reading.

Review More: Reviews go along way for authors. Especially on Amazon, reviews can make or break the success of a novel. So, if you want to support your favorite author, then it’s time to post reviews. I’m trying to post to NetGalley, Amazon, B&N, and Audible. Just to get the word out on books I enjoy.

Leave comments with your reading goals for 2019.

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