Review: The White City

Based on the mystery surrounding one of America’s notorious killers, this story inserts you into Chicago, 1893, at the time of the World’s Fair. Winnifred Wylde witnesses a kidnapping in the wake of several women missing, the only problem is that no one believes her because she’s “cried wolf” one too many times with her overactive imagination. Her father is an inspector with the police, and assigns one of his deputies to watch Winnifred because he knows she’ll not give up and will investigate on her own. But Jude Thorpe is convinced Winnifred is on to something, and Winnifred gets a job working for the infamous H.H. Holmes, trying to gain proof that he is behind the kidnapping.

The story and setting paint an amazing tale. I loved reading the historical setting, during the World’s Fair. The plot focuses more on the budding romance between Winnifred and Jude, despite Winnifred being set up with more suitable suitors. While I enjoyed this novel, I wanted more suspense and danger, especially after reading up on the nefarious H.H.Holmes and his horrific crimes. But I enjoyed the chemistry between Winnifred and Jude, and the story had a lighter feel where it could have taken a much darker approach to the crimes. This is Grace Hitchcock’s debut novel, and I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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