The Tuscan Child

This novel has been on my To Be Read list for quite some time. I’ve enjoyed other Rhys Bowen historical suspense novels and The Tuscan Child is another hit for me.

Set in two time periods, alternating between WW II and the 1970’s, we see Joanna Langley search for the truth about her recently departed father. She travels to Tuscany where he was a fighter pilot during the war who was shot down and escaped. Joanna wants to know more about her father’s mysterious disappearance, but winds up finding herself in the process.

“When the world has gone mad, we must help each other when we can.”

The Tuscan Child

While this might not rank high on my “suspense meter” for a thrilling, fast-paced story, it does weave a great mystery under a scenic Tuscan backdrop. I now want to go to Italy! With a touch of romance blooming between Joanna and Renzo, plus great characters like Paola, the story is as heartwarming as it is intriguing. It takes place in two historic time periods, and the transition between the two gave the novel a sweet thread between a daughter searching to know her father.

This is a definite recommended read from Best In Suspense if you’re looking to slow down the action a bit and are in the mood for something heartfelt and introspective.

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