Kindle Unlimited: Suspense

I love Kindle Unlimited, but sometimes I feel like I don’t read enough from its selection to make it work the extra $9.95 a month. So I’m making valid attempts each month to rotate some KU novels into my TBR list.

Here are a few of my favorites. One thing I love to find is an entire series that is listed in KU. I get annoyed when I read book one, then have to find the rest of the series at the library (or buy it!) because it’s not KU. I get why authors do this – to hook readers. But I do like it when the entire series is up for grabs on KU.

Darkwater Inn Series by Robin Caroll: This three book series focuses on the day to day happenings of Darkwater Inn in New Orleans. The setting is fantastic and the suspense is non-stop. A little heavy on the romance for fans of romantic suspense – there’s a love triangle! Also, Robin Caroll has several other full series on KU. Justice Seekers and The Evil Series are two of my favorites for intense suspense and action. I haven’t read Bayou Secrets, but it’s all on KU. Start with: Darkwater Secrets.

Lantern Beach Mysteries Series by Christy Barritt: Talk about binge reading! I read this series in a month all six books! The Lantern Beach Mysteries have a nice mix of suspense, danger, and a bit of romance. The story centers around Cassidy Livingston, a detective forced into hiding because she was undercover with a gang, and now the gang put a million-dollar bounty on her head. She heads to Lantern Beach and becomes the owner of an ice cream truck. Of course, Cassidy can’t resign her life to selling ice cream in a sleepy beach town, and starts solving mysteries. This series has a follow up series, and several spin-offs, so if you want to make sure you make the most of your KU membership, you’ve got plenty of exciting suspense novels to choose from. Start with: Hidden Currents

Hidden Truth Series by Robin Patchen: Each novel probably could be a stand alone, but the entire series takes place in a small town in NH. Convenient Lies kicks off the series with Reagan McAdams, an investigative journalist who realizes that her husband isn’t who he claims to be. I’ll admit, I still have two more in the series to read, but the entire series is available with KU and if you like suspense mixed with a little romance, you’ll be hooked. Start with Convenient Lies.

Blue Justice Series by Lynette Eason: The first three novels in this series are available in KU. A fourth is coming out soon, but not sure if it will be KU. This is one of my favorite authors, and this series is high-octane action. The story centers around the St. Johns family, where everyone went into the “family business” of some form of law enforcement. Think Blue Bloods in novel form. Start with: Oath of Honor.

A Few Honorable Mentions:

  • H.L. Wegley has a series called Witness Protection. I’ve never read it, but it’s been on my TBR list for a while. I’ve read other books by this author, so I intend to read this series soon. The entire series is on KU
  • Also the Criss Cross series by CC Warrens. Haven’t read it but I’ve seen a lot of good reviews about the series

Audible version available:

  • Christy Barritt has a series that is available with the Audible included for free. The first in the series is Distorted, and fans of suspense won’t be disappointed with the entire series
  • Connie Mann has a series and the first is Tangled Lies. The whole series has the Audible version included. I listened to Tangled Lies and enjoyed it, but haven’t finished the rest of the series yet

Please comment below and add your KU finds to the list. I’m always looking for new authors and KU books (especially with Audible included!)

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