Strands of Truth

For fans of twisted plot lines, drama, and coastal settings

Strands of Truth is a fast-pace dramatic story, with a plot as unique as its characters and setting. Set in three time periods, the story connects past murders to the present in a way that only Colleen Coble could pull off. I’m convinced that if other authors attempted this complex multi-level plot line the story would be convoluted. But Strands of Truth weaves an intricate story spanning 30 years that hooks the reader from start to finish.

The story starts with Harper Taylor who is researching marine life (the author goes into in-depth on lots of subjects like mollusks and shells, which you’d think would be an overwhelming subject as a reader, but the author breaks it down until it’s facilitating.) Harper’s life has been spent trying to find her birth father and figure out how her mother died. She finds out she has a half sister whose mother was murdered and teams up with Ridge, a man who hates her, to connect the pieces of a very fragmented puzzle. Then to add to the complexity of the plot someone tries to abduct her and her newly discovered sister and murders her mentor. Harper and Ridge spend the novel trying to stay alive while solving three murders, decades apart.

The setting made the story. Set in the gulf coast of FL, Harper lived on a boat and the maritime setting made me nostalgic for old FL. Part of the story takes readers to FL landmarks like Weekie Wachee. I’m a FL girl, so of course I loved it!

Strands of Truth start off with the author throwing a lot of details at the readers, but then once you wrap your mind around the characters and the setting plus the unusual circumstances, you are sucked into the mystery of it all. I also couldn’t guess the ending, so I give five stars to this suspense novel that kept me guessing until the very end.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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