Top 10: Favorite Characters in Suspense (Part 1)

Here’s my recommendation for novels with memorable characters. The heroines that stand up under immeasurable pressures to save the day. The heroes who get the bad guys off off the street and save the day. The characters that run towards danger when everyone else flees.

Here’s my recommendation for great reads that will keep you in suspense with characters you’ll love until the last page. Add your recommendation in the comments.

The Heroines

Kaely Quinn from Mind Games and Firestorm by Nancy Mehl – Kaely is a tough FBI profiler that has to overcome her past to put serial killers behind bars.

Olivia Edwards from Always Watching (Elite Guardians series) by Lynette Eason – Olivia started her own all female bodyguard agency. She’s tough but the story reveals her sensitive side.

Evelyn Tavish from Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks – Evelyn carries enough baggage for 20 people, but she just doesn’t stop. I loved a character full of flaws but strong inner strength.

Cassidy Livingston from Hidden Currents (Lantern Beach Mystery series) by Christy Barritt- Cassidy is one of my favorite heroines. She relocates her life to Lantern Beach after being undercover in a gang which puts out a million dollar bounty on her head. Her cover involves driving an ice cream truck around the sleepy island, but she can’t keep away from detective work.

Bree Nicholls from Without a Trace by Colleen Coble – Bree and her search and rescue dog Samson fall into mysteries – one of them involving a plane crash that killed her husband and son. Bree relentlessly pursues the truth in the face of danger.

Comment below with your favorite leading ladies in suspense novels. I’m always looking for new books to read!

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