Whose Waves These Are

For fans of historical fiction, heart-warming tales and small town secrets

I’ll admit that I initially passed this book by due to my love of suspense, but I’ve seen so many great reviews that I decided to check it out.

Now it’s one of my favorite books that I’ve recommended to countless people.

The story revolves around several generations of the Bliss family. Two twin brothers, one gets called to war in WWII, and the other stays home. Annie Bliss, two generations later, heads back to her roots and tries to unravel the mystery of her great-uncle and the small town behind him.

“There’s light. Right there in the dark. Because of the dark.”

Whose Waves These Are

I’ve read that this is Amanda Dykes debut novel, but the story and writing are so phenomenal you’d think she’s been writing for decades. The author has an amazing way with words that draw you into the story and overwhelm all of your senses. Set in a small coastal town of Maine, the scenery and small-town characters creates a world I want to live in.

For true suspense fans, this might be a slower-paced novel, but lots of mystery surrounds Ansel-by-the-Sea which kept me intrigued. Years of secrets give readers plenty of mystery to unravel. Definitely check out Whose Waves These Are for a heart-warming, delightful read.

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