Deadly Intentions

For fans of intense action, suspense, and danger

Lisa Harris brings the suspense and action! I’ve been a fan for a long time, and her latest novel, Deadly Intentions, delivers high speed thrilling action, an intriguing plot line, and memorable characters.

Caitlyn Lindsey becomes suspicious of three recent deaths, all connected by the laboratory where she works. She realizes she could be next as she tries to prove these deaths weren’t accidental. She runs, and contacts police detective Josh Solomon, whose wife was killed during a home invasion. Josh realizes Caitlyn’s theory might be right on target, making him a target in the process.

“There were only tow things she could think about. She was certain of it now. One, everything she’d thought might be true was true. And two, someone wanted her dead.”

Deadly Intentions

Deadly Intentions is full of action and plot twists. As Josh and Caitlyn go off the grid and run for their lives, they uncover a terrorist plot and race against time to find enough evidence to bring to the police. There’s plenty of life-or-death-run-for-your-life action and suspense, making Deadly Intentions one of my favorites from Lisa Harris.

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