One Final Breath (Dive Team Investigations Book #3)

For Fans of Romantic Suspense, Action and Memorable Characters

One Final Breath is third in the series, so you may want to check out the prior two first to make sure you know all of the characters. This story focuses on Anissa and Gabe, both members of the dive team investigators. When Anissa and Gabe are pulled into a murder investigation, Anissa’s life is on the line when she becomes a target.

The whole series brings suspense and action, while giving readers a swoon-worthy love story in the process. Gabe and Anissa both have a past that makes them gun-shy in the relationship department, but it’s been clear through three novels that they like each other. The tension builds as Gabe and Anissa both have to run for their lives while solving a murder and a 13 year old cold case.

Check out the entire series if you love suspense with some romance on the side. Tons of action to keep suspense fans hooked, while romance fans will enjoy Gabe and Anissa as they explore their feelings.

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