Echoes Among the Stones

For Fans of Dual Timelines, Complex Mysteries, and Intriguing Characters

Jaime Jo Wright’s Echoes Among the Stones drops readers into a seventy year old mystery. Set in two time periods, the story revolves around Imogene Flannigan, whose sister is murdered. Flash forward as Aggie Dunkirk tries to put the pieces together and figure out why the murder was unsolved. But someone keeps sending warning signs to say that past secrets should be left buried.

I love mysteries, the kind where anyone can be a suspect and readers don’t know who to trust. Echoes Among the Stones delivers a twisted and complex mystery with a cast of equally complicated characters. Aggie’s job working as a cemetery secretary adds to the intrigue as she moves in with her grandmother AKA Mumsie. Mumsie has secrets that span her entire life.

Even with the overarching mystery steeped in death, the story brings some deep themes to life. The characters are amazingly dynamic, and Aggie learns to deal with her grief from Mumsie, who let regret and sorrow consume her entire life. Aggie’s odd relationship with Colin, the might-be-British eclectic archaeologist, is quirky and endearing. He’s definitely a character! Flipping into the past, readers will love Imogene’s spun, determination, and loyalty. She refuses to give up on finding out the truth about her sister’s murder while everyone else seems to moves on.

Move Echoes from the Stones up on your TBR list if you are a fan of mysteries. This is the story you won’t want to put down, so block off your schedule accordingly.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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