Deadly Deceit

For Fans of Romantic Suspense, Small Town Settings, and Crime Novels

Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters is book two in the Harbored Secrets series. You don’t necessarily have to start with Book one, but I hate reading things out order. I will admit that I loved book one (Living Lies) and so I had super high expectations for the second.

Deadly Deceit didn’t disappoint. In fact, I think I liked it more than Living Lies!

Deadly Deceit takes readers back to small town Walton, GA. Vivian DeMarco is a journalist who is drawn into finding out the truth about the mystery surrounding her boss’s suspicious death. Ryan Frost is the police officer assigned to the investigation, and he decides to work with Vivian rather than against her to find out the truth.

I tend to love suspense more than romance, but the romance in this novel was sweet and quirky. The author created nice tension in the characters and their relationship didn’t feel contrived. I also liked that Ryan seemed to be a different character in book one and came back for Deadly Deceit as a trained investigator and even the FBI and other agencies seeking his talents. He was a background character in book one, and I loved him then!

Besides the characters, the plot line keeps readers hooked. Complicated and high tech, readers have to get into the mind of the criminal as Vivian and Ryan try to stop a sophisticated hacker and blackmailer.

This is a great series for fans of romantic suspense. Looking forward to book three!

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