Collateral Damage

For fans of military, suspense and action

Collateral Damage brings action and suspense in the form of a military drama. Brooke Adams is an Army psychologist who is discharged after a bombing. Asher James is seeking answers after his friend dies in the same explosion while accused of treason. Meanwhile, someone is out to get Brooke.

The story is intriguing and will suck you in from the start. Lots of chase scenes and mystery keep the story line fast-paced, while the characters are strong and relatable. Brooke is a counselor who struggles with her own form of PTSD after the explosion and I enjoyed watching her discover her own inner strength but also her ability to put aside her own issues to help others. The romance didn’t distract from the story, and seemed more realistic/not staged than other novels in the “romantic suspense” category.  

If you are a fan of military stories as well as action, look no further than Collateral Damage. I’m a fan of Lynette Eason, and this is a great start to a new series.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars (I loved it)
Suspense Rating: 5 Stars (lots of action and intrigue)

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