One Little Lie

For fans of complex mysteries, drama, and small town settings

One Little Lie plops readers down into the middle of more than a decade old mystery. Jane Harper escapes from a cult with her father and manages to turn her life around and bury her past. She becomes police chief of Pelican Harbor, AL, but everything derails as several murders happen her first day on the job. To make matters worse, her father is the chief suspect, and she’s stuck with reporter Reid Betchol shadowing her for a documentary.

I’d classify this novel as a mystery. The plot is complex, with lots of characters that intertwine throughout the story. I didn’t see the ending coming and enjoyed the process of trying to piece the evidence together along side Jane. The “secret” is pretty obvious early on, and it’s interesting to see Reid deal with lies of omission and coming clean about what he knows and who he is. Also, Colleen Coble always has the best settings, and I loved the New Orleans style vibe of Pelican Harbor.

There was plenty of action and suspense to keep the story fast-paced. My only issue was the believability at times. The contrast of Jane from beginning to end didn’t resonate with me. I couldn’t figure out how she went from the past she had in the cult to become the police chief. It seemed like a stretch. The conflict from her past and present didn’t come out as much as I would have wanted. But overall, this is a great mystery and an intriguing read. I definitely recommend to suspense fans.

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Overall Rating: 4 stars (I liked it a lot and would definitely recommend)
Suspense Rating: 4 stars (lots of action and suspense to keep me intrigued)

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