Hostile Intent

Danger Never Sleeps Book Cover and latte with hearts

For Fans of Intense Suspense and Run-for-your-Life Danger

Hostile Intent by Lynette Eason brings the action and suspense. Book four of the Danger Never Sleep Series focuses on Ava Jackson’s story. She’s dealing with her father’s death and her mother’s failing health. But things take a turn when someone tries to kidnap her. FBI Special Agent Caden Denning’s case intersects with Ava’s attack when her father’s job is linked to a series of murders. Ava (literally) has to put together the pieces to figure out the details of her father’s super-secret life.

This is one of my favorite series, but book four has to be the most intense and action-packed of them all.  I love stories about strong woman, and Ava knows how to defend herself. She isn’t a damsel in distress, but Caden has a knack for showing up at the exact right time. The two make a great team. But the action takes center stage in this book. Lots of life-or-death situations mix with an intriguing plotline to create this non-stop thrill ride.

You don’t have to read the books in this series in order, but I recommend it. The entire series is fantastic, with action, suspense, and a bit of romance.

The only downside is that I didn’t want the book to end. Here’s to hoping for a Hostile Intent sequel or spin off series.

Overall Rating:
5 stars (I loved it, couldn’t put it down)

Suspense Rating:
5 stars (Non-stop edge-of-your-seat suspense from start to finish)

I received an ebook review copy of this book through Revell and NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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