Yours is the Night

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For fans of romance and WWI stories

Yours is the Night by Amanda Dykes puts readers right on the front lines of WWI. The story is told with four main points of view. Matthew Petticrew faces the harsh realities of war when he’s assigned to the front lines for his unique ability to hear enemy fire before it hits. George Piccadilly tried to avoid the war by enrolling in school to become a chaplain, but somehow finds his way to the heart of the fighting. Journalist Henry Mueller sends updates back to America from the front lines, but finds himself teamed up with Matthew and George. They discover a mysterious woman in the forest of France and she needs their help. They trudge through the battle-scarred land to ensure her safety.

I love Amanda’s unique voice in story-telling. The story is rich and vibrant. She writes characters that come to life on the page. The plot is fast-paced, yet seeped with emotions. I loved every minute of the adventures this unlikely team faced and the camaraderie that was forged with the most unlikely people. The themes of hope and honor resonated with me, and I loved how each of the characters came into their own in the backdrop of an ugly and violent war.

Despite being more of a romance novel than suspense, there’s so much packed into this story about the war and survival that I found myself hooked! It’s not sappy or overdone with the romance, the story focuses more on individual growth and the unlikely relationships that form in this difficult time.

I highly suggest the audio book. I’m not usually one to like multiple narrators, but there were four or five in this version, and I thought they all did an outstanding job giving voice to each of the characters.

Definitely check out this novel. It might bring you to tears, but it’s an outstanding literary work that will have me thinking about it long after I put the book down.

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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