Flight Risk

For fans of action, complex mysteries, and crazy plot twists

Flight Risk brings back several favorite characters from the Hidden Justice series. The plot centers around Savannah Daniels. A series of tragedies strike her family as her ex-husband is accused of unspeakable crimes and Savannah tries to shelter her niece from the fall-out. Reporter Jett Glover broke the story of Savannah’s ex, but Jett works with Savannah to see if there is more to the story than what he reported.

If you love Cara Putman’s Hidden Justice series, Flight Risk lives up to the suspense and heart-felt characters you’ve come to expect. Savannah is a complex character, and her chemistry with Jett wasn’t an immediate love at first sight, which I like. It allows readers to get to know each character while they dodge danger and try to connect several complex mysteries. Definitely put this novel on your wish list or pre-order. Flight Risk definitely delivers on high-adrenaline action and suspense, with emotional elements that give the reader a thrilling yet satisfying read.  

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

The Fifth Avenue Story Society

For fans of drama, triumph over tragedy and lovably flawed characters

The Fifth Avenue Story Society gives readers everything you’d expect from a Rachel Hauck novel. While not adrenaline-pumping suspense, the story has plenty of intrigue. The author brings several characters to life as they each receive a mysterious invitation to join the Fifth Avenue Story Society.

Jett Wilder carries the burden of his brother’s death and his recent divorce into the Society. Lexa Wilder, Jett’s ex, doesn’t know how to cope with a demanding job and lingering feelings from the divorce. Chuck Mays is rough around the edges and just wants to see his kids. Coral Winthrop brings a broken engagement under mysterious circumstances to the table. Ed Marshall wants to write a love story to tell the world about his late wife.  The group decides to continue meeting even though they have no idea how they were brought together.

This story brings out all of the emotion and drama a reader can handle. I enjoyed these characters and their complex problems. I enjoy a large cast of characters told from multiple viewpoints, and not all authors could make this work.  But the way the members of the Society interact is heart-warming. Rachel Hauck peels back the layers of the characters as they come to grip with their own inner demons while relying on the help of a group of strangers.

If you are looking for a heart-warming and inspiring read with complex characters and a story line that will linger long after you put down the book, look no further than The Fifth Avenue Story Society.

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

End Game

For Fans of FBI thrillers, Suspense and Action

End Game gives readers a fast-paced suspense-filled novel. FBI Agent Bailey Ryan is forced to team up with NCIS Special Agent Marco Agostini to solve some inter-related murders, one of them a Navy Seal. The more Bailey investigates, the more she finds herself with a target on her back.

If you are a fan of FBI, CIA, and all of the other alphabet organizations, this novel brings several government agencies together to solve the crimes. Watching Bailey and Marco interact from rival agencies adds another layer to the intriguing crimes. They find themselves with the perfect chemistry suited for a personal relationship and struggle to keep their professional demeanor. Several of the minor characters actually steal the spotlight, and I hope they show up in other installments of the series. Lexi Todd is a JAG lawyer who adds to the investigation. Izzy Cole, NCIS agent, overcomes quite a bit of her own personal obstacles to add to the investigation.

Definitely kick of the new year with this new release. If you love action and intrigue, look no further than End Game.

I received an ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

The Gray Chamber

For Fans of Suspense, Historical Fiction, and True Crimes

This is the fourth installment in the True Color series which takes strange historical crimes and turns them into suspense-filled fiction stories. Grace Hitchcock’s The Gray Chamber focuses on a dark period in the late 1800’s surrounding the poorly run women’s lunatic asylum called Blackwell Island.

Edyth Foster’s life is about to take off. She’s set to take over her parent’s estate after their death, and she finds the love of her life. But her uncle get her falsely committed to the asylum where Edyth withstands the horrible conditions. She meets Nelly Bly, an undercover reporter, and the two try to stay alive in the asylum.

The Gray Chamber puts readers right into the middle of these historical events. I hadn’t actually heard about Nelly Bly until reading The Gray Chamber, and the story surrounding Blackwell Island is creepy in its own right. But the author adds the lovable and quirky Edyth to the plot and readers endure the heartbreaking conditions of the asylum right along side her. Edyth’s spunk challenges the societal norms of the time period with her dress and actions. She even takes up fencing, which wasn’t a thing women did in the 1800’s. Edyth isn’t the damsel in distress, which made her plight all the more harrowing as she fights for her life from inside the asylum.

The Gray Chamber is intriguing and full of suspenseful twists. Sadly, much of the elements in the story happened. If you love true crimes, this is one novel you don’t want to miss. The fast-paced action plus likable characters makes this a must read.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Deadly Deceit

For Fans of Romantic Suspense, Small Town Settings, and Crime Novels

Deadly Deceit by Natalie Walters is book two in the Harbored Secrets series. You don’t necessarily have to start with Book one, but I hate reading things out order. I will admit that I loved book one (Living Lies) and so I had super high expectations for the second.

Deadly Deceit didn’t disappoint. In fact, I think I liked it more than Living Lies!

Deadly Deceit takes readers back to small town Walton, GA. Vivian DeMarco is a journalist who is drawn into finding out the truth about the mystery surrounding her boss’s suspicious death. Ryan Frost is the police officer assigned to the investigation, and he decides to work with Vivian rather than against her to find out the truth.

I tend to love suspense more than romance, but the romance in this novel was sweet and quirky. The author created nice tension in the characters and their relationship didn’t feel contrived. I also liked that Ryan seemed to be a different character in book one and came back for Deadly Deceit as a trained investigator and even the FBI and other agencies seeking his talents. He was a background character in book one, and I loved him then!

Besides the characters, the plot line keeps readers hooked. Complicated and high tech, readers have to get into the mind of the criminal as Vivian and Ryan try to stop a sophisticated hacker and blackmailer.

This is a great series for fans of romantic suspense. Looking forward to book three!

Echoes Among the Stones

For Fans of Dual Timelines, Complex Mysteries, and Intriguing Characters

Jaime Jo Wright’s Echoes Among the Stones drops readers into a seventy year old mystery. Set in two time periods, the story revolves around Imogene Flannigan, whose sister is murdered. Flash forward as Aggie Dunkirk tries to put the pieces together and figure out why the murder was unsolved. But someone keeps sending warning signs to say that past secrets should be left buried.

I love mysteries, the kind where anyone can be a suspect and readers don’t know who to trust. Echoes Among the Stones delivers a twisted and complex mystery with a cast of equally complicated characters. Aggie’s job working as a cemetery secretary adds to the intrigue as she moves in with her grandmother AKA Mumsie. Mumsie has secrets that span her entire life.

Even with the overarching mystery steeped in death, the story brings some deep themes to life. The characters are amazingly dynamic, and Aggie learns to deal with her grief from Mumsie, who let regret and sorrow consume her entire life. Aggie’s odd relationship with Colin, the might-be-British eclectic archaeologist, is quirky and endearing. He’s definitely a character! Flipping into the past, readers will love Imogene’s spun, determination, and loyalty. She refuses to give up on finding out the truth about her sister’s murder while everyone else seems to moves on.

Move Echoes from the Stones up on your TBR list if you are a fan of mysteries. This is the story you won’t want to put down, so block off your schedule accordingly.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Seconds to Live

For Fans of Action, Cyber-crimes, and US Marshals

Seconds to Live kicks off with the most dangerous scenario a US Marshal could face – someone’s hacked the database containing information on witness locations. US Marshal Taylor Mills teams up with an elite cyber-crimes investigative team to stop a hacker known as Phantom. Of course, sparks fly when FBI Agent Sean Nichols heads up the team, and Taylor meets him for the first time after only having chatted with him online.

This story brings action, drama and danger right into the reader’s lap. Taylor makes a great heroine, as she struggles with being too invested in protecting her witnesses. She and Sean make a dynamic pair as the two chase the Phantom while trying to protect the identities of thousands of witnesses. The stakes are high, and the heart-pounding action is higher. Lots of twists and turns will keep the readers in suspense until the very end. A must read for suspense fans.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Smoke Screen

For Fans of Mystery, Complex Characters, and Small Town Secrets

Smoke Screen brings all the suspense and intrigue readers expect from Terri Blackstock. Although not as fast-paced as some of her other novels, Smoke Screen throws readers into the complex lives of Brenna and Nate. The two high school sweethearts are reunited after the years and buried secrets have separated them.

The drama unfolds right from the first page. Brenna is going through a nasty custody battle for her two children. Nate’s job as a smoke jumper sends him back to town to heal from his wounds after he rescues a family from a deadly fire. Nate’s father served time for killing Brenna’s father, so their relationship is tense as Nate’s father is released from prison and pardoned.

The author writes characters with flaws and emotions so real that readers won’t want the book to end. Nate’s humility and strength shine when the town throws unfounded accusations his way. Brenna’s struggles are magnified when the deck is stacked against her in the fight for her children. But mysteries run throughout the novel as Nate tries to uncover what happened the night Brenna’s father was murdered.

Definitely move Smoke Screen to the number one spot on your TBR list. The complex characters and small town secrets will keep readers hooked until the very end.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.