One Final Breath (Dive Team Investigations Book #3)

For Fans of Romantic Suspense, Action and Memorable Characters

One Final Breath is third in the series, so you may want to check out the prior two first to make sure you know all of the characters. This story focuses on Anissa and Gabe, both members of the dive team investigators. When Anissa and Gabe are pulled into a murder investigation, Anissa’s life is on the line when she becomes a target.

The whole series brings suspense and action, while giving readers a swoon-worthy love story in the process. Gabe and Anissa both have a past that makes them gun-shy in the relationship department, but it’s been clear through three novels that they like each other. The tension builds as Gabe and Anissa both have to run for their lives while solving a murder and a 13 year old cold case.

Check out the entire series if you love suspense with some romance on the side. Tons of action to keep suspense fans hooked, while romance fans will enjoy Gabe and Anissa as they explore their feelings.

The Gryphon Heist

For Fans of Action, Suspense, CIA Stories, and Spies

The Gryphon Heist isn’t a novel, it’s a wild, action-packed thrill ride. James R. Hannibal writes a thriller that weaves an intricate story line with memorable yet quirky characters, plus all the high-tech spy tools readers can nerd out to.

The story centers around Talia Inger as she is assigned her first mission as the CIA. She’s sent to Eastern Europe, with her tech opp, Eddie, and less than savory civilian contact, Adam Tyler. In order to stop a terrorist attack, she winds up working with a team of professional criminals to steal the technology before the real terrorists can get a hold of it.

If you love action stories, this novel delivers. High on suspense, the story has so many twists and turns readers will get whip lash. Talia’s story is intriguing and readers will enjoy her adventures with the CIA. I loved the audio version and thought the narrator added to the intrigue. This novel is definitely worthy of the title “Best in Suspense!”

Vow of Justice

For fans of police dramas, suspense and fast plots

The fourth in the Blue Justice series, Vow of Justice gives readers Linc St. John’s story. While it probably could be read as a stand-alone, I recommend starting with Oath of Honor. But if you are a fan of the series, Vow of Justice hits the mark in suspense, action and intriguing plot, just like all of the other novels!

Linc has always been a bit of an enigma in the other novels. His job with the FBI has always classified and he’s cloaked in mystery whenever he shows up. Allie Radcliffe is Linc’s partner in the FBI. She’s undercover in the house of notorious villain Vladislav Nevsky, and things go disastrously wrong from page one. Allie has to face her past as she lets everyone assume she died in an explosion. She and Linc try to take down Nevsky all while keeping Allie’s ruse in place. But Nevsky is not Allie’s only enemy and it’s hard to trust anyone as you speed read to the end.

“Just remember. Justice and revenge are two very different things.”

Vow of Justice

I’m a fan of the entire series, and love all of the action. Lots of explosions, drama and close calls. There’s danger lurking on every page as more enemies show up and target Linc and Allie. Readers are on the edge of their seats to find out how Allie will ever be safe. Allie is a complex character, with a past that few could overcome. She faces off against the man that killed her family, and has to let go of the past so she can have a future.

Vow of Justice has plenty of plot twists that kept me hooked until the last page. The whole series is a must-read for suspense fans.

Deadly Intentions

For fans of intense action, suspense, and danger

Lisa Harris brings the suspense and action! I’ve been a fan for a long time, and her latest novel, Deadly Intentions, delivers high speed thrilling action, an intriguing plot line, and memorable characters.

Caitlyn Lindsey becomes suspicious of three recent deaths, all connected by the laboratory where she works. She realizes she could be next as she tries to prove these deaths weren’t accidental. She runs, and contacts police detective Josh Solomon, whose wife was killed during a home invasion. Josh realizes Caitlyn’s theory might be right on target, making him a target in the process.

“There were only tow things she could think about. She was certain of it now. One, everything she’d thought might be true was true. And two, someone wanted her dead.”

Deadly Intentions

Deadly Intentions is full of action and plot twists. As Josh and Caitlyn go off the grid and run for their lives, they uncover a terrorist plot and race against time to find enough evidence to bring to the police. There’s plenty of life-or-death-run-for-your-life action and suspense, making Deadly Intentions one of my favorites from Lisa Harris.

Whose Waves These Are

For fans of historical fiction, heart-warming tales and small town secrets

I’ll admit that I initially passed this book by due to my love of suspense, but I’ve seen so many great reviews that I decided to check it out.

Now it’s one of my favorite books that I’ve recommended to countless people.

The story revolves around several generations of the Bliss family. Two twin brothers, one gets called to war in WWII, and the other stays home. Annie Bliss, two generations later, heads back to her roots and tries to unravel the mystery of her great-uncle and the small town behind him.

“There’s light. Right there in the dark. Because of the dark.”

Whose Waves These Are

I’ve read that this is Amanda Dykes debut novel, but the story and writing are so phenomenal you’d think she’s been writing for decades. The author has an amazing way with words that draw you into the story and overwhelm all of your senses. Set in a small coastal town of Maine, the scenery and small-town characters creates a world I want to live in.

For true suspense fans, this might be a slower-paced novel, but lots of mystery surrounds Ansel-by-the-Sea which kept me intrigued. Years of secrets give readers plenty of mystery to unravel. Definitely check out Whose Waves These Are for a heart-warming, delightful read.


For Fans of Sci-Fi, Suspense and AI

Steven James brings the futuristic suspense with Synapse. Set thirty years into the future, the novel explores the concept of how much artificial intelligent will change (or should change) our lives. Human-like Artificials become members of society. Kestral Hathaway is a minster who grapples with AI and her Artifical, Jordan, who has feelings and thoughts of his own. Caught up in a terrorist plot, Kestral seeks justice not only for herself but for Jordan.

“Humans are lost somewhere between what we should be and who we really are” – Kestral Hathaway from Synapse

While speculative, this story makes you wonder about where we are headed as a society. The author draws a lot from modern times to portray a future where everyone gives up their lives to the “Feeds” and personal freedoms are exchanged for convenience as the Artificials take on mundane daily tasks, like raising children! The author delivers the action and suspense, but dives deep into spiritual element. Jordan questions whether he has a soul and whether he need a belief in God. Kestral and her brother come to grips with why God allows evil to reign free after their parents are senselessly murdered. The story is fast paced, intriguing, full of futuristic special effects, and delivers some powerful messages. Definitely worth the read!

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Top 10: Favorite Characters in Suspense (Part 1)

Here’s my recommendation for novels with memorable characters. The heroines that stand up under immeasurable pressures to save the day. The heroes who get the bad guys off off the street and save the day. The characters that run towards danger when everyone else flees.

Here’s my recommendation for great reads that will keep you in suspense with characters you’ll love until the last page. Add your recommendation in the comments.

The Heroines

Kaely Quinn from Mind Games and Firestorm by Nancy Mehl – Kaely is a tough FBI profiler that has to overcome her past to put serial killers behind bars.

Olivia Edwards from Always Watching (Elite Guardians series) by Lynette Eason – Olivia started her own all female bodyguard agency. She’s tough but the story reveals her sensitive side.

Evelyn Tavish from Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks – Evelyn carries enough baggage for 20 people, but she just doesn’t stop. I loved a character full of flaws but strong inner strength.

Cassidy Livingston from Hidden Currents (Lantern Beach Mystery series) by Christy Barritt- Cassidy is one of my favorite heroines. She relocates her life to Lantern Beach after being undercover in a gang which puts out a million dollar bounty on her head. Her cover involves driving an ice cream truck around the sleepy island, but she can’t keep away from detective work.

Bree Nicholls from Without a Trace by Colleen Coble – Bree and her search and rescue dog Samson fall into mysteries – one of them involving a plane crash that killed her husband and son. Bree relentlessly pursues the truth in the face of danger.

Comment below with your favorite leading ladies in suspense novels. I’m always looking for new books to read!

Strands of Truth

For fans of twisted plot lines, drama, and coastal settings

Strands of Truth is a fast-pace dramatic story, with a plot as unique as its characters and setting. Set in three time periods, the story connects past murders to the present in a way that only Colleen Coble could pull off. I’m convinced that if other authors attempted this complex multi-level plot line the story would be convoluted. But Strands of Truth weaves an intricate story spanning 30 years that hooks the reader from start to finish.

The story starts with Harper Taylor who is researching marine life (the author goes into in-depth on lots of subjects like mollusks and shells, which you’d think would be an overwhelming subject as a reader, but the author breaks it down until it’s facilitating.) Harper’s life has been spent trying to find her birth father and figure out how her mother died. She finds out she has a half sister whose mother was murdered and teams up with Ridge, a man who hates her, to connect the pieces of a very fragmented puzzle. Then to add to the complexity of the plot someone tries to abduct her and her newly discovered sister and murders her mentor. Harper and Ridge spend the novel trying to stay alive while solving three murders, decades apart.

The setting made the story. Set in the gulf coast of FL, Harper lived on a boat and the maritime setting made me nostalgic for old FL. Part of the story takes readers to FL landmarks like Weekie Wachee. I’m a FL girl, so of course I loved it!

Strands of Truth start off with the author throwing a lot of details at the readers, but then once you wrap your mind around the characters and the setting plus the unusual circumstances, you are sucked into the mystery of it all. I also couldn’t guess the ending, so I give five stars to this suspense novel that kept me guessing until the very end.

I received a complementary ebook review copy of this book through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.