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I’m an avid arm chair detective and would make an awesome imaginary FBI agent, but in a real world disaster I know I’d be the first to die.
I’ve made my peace with it.

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Sunrise cover, typewriter, and a coffee with latte art


For fans of family drama and epic settings Sunrise by Susan May Warren gives readers a thrilling ride through the Alaska wildlife. Dodge Kingston heads home after years of running from his past. He...

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Stone book cover, typewriter and latte with hearts


For fans of suspense, action and the Metcalf family Stone by Ronie Kendig gives readers more Metcalfes. The story centers around Stone Metcalfe, who left his governor’s office amidst a scandal. Hiding out in...

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latte, ebook and cover, next to a typwriter

Life Flight

For fans of intense suspense Life Flight by Lynette Eason is a must-read for suspense and thriller fans. Intense and fast-paced, this story captivated me from page one. Penny Carlton is a helicopter pilot...

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Book cover, coffee with latte art, and a blue and silver polka dot background

A Stranger’s Game

For fans of mysteries and small-town suspense A Stranger’s Game by Colleen Coble brings danger and suspense to Jekyll Island. Torie Bergstrom is an heiress to a hotel empire, but decides to go on...

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