The Gryphon Heist

For Fans of Action, Suspense, CIA Stories, and Spies

The Gryphon Heist isn’t a novel, it’s a wild, action-packed thrill ride. James R. Hannibal writes a thriller that weaves an intricate story line with memorable yet quirky characters, plus all the high-tech spy tools readers can nerd out to.

The story centers around Talia Inger as she is assigned her first mission as the CIA. She’s sent to Eastern Europe, with her tech opp, Eddie, and less than savory civilian contact, Adam Tyler. In order to stop a terrorist attack, she winds up working with a team of professional criminals to steal the technology before the real terrorists can get a hold of it.

If you love action stories, this novel delivers. High on suspense, the story has so many twists and turns readers will get whip lash. Talia’s story is intriguing and readers will enjoy her adventures with the CIA. I loved the audio version and thought the narrator added to the intrigue. This novel is definitely worthy of the title “Best in Suspense!”

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