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Murder in the City of Liberty

Hamish DeLuca and Reggie Van Buren are back in action, with their own private investigation firm.

The Tuscan Child

This novel has been on my To Be Read list for quite some time. I’ve enjoyed other Rhys Bowen historical suspense novels and The Tuscan Child is another hit for me.

Justice Delivered

Patricia Bradley brings the suspense in Justice Delivered. Right from the start, danger unfolds as we meet Carly Smith while she is trying to escape from human trafficking. Carly puts her life back together but realizes that she can’t stay silent while her abductors are free to pursue their evil endeavors

The Kremlin Conspiracy

This is the first novel I’ve read from Joel C. Rosenberg, and I’m not sure why I waited so long. Talk about suspense!

Review: The White City

Based on the mystery surrounding one of America’s notorious killers, this story inserts you into Chicago, 1893, at the time of the World’s Fair. Winnifred Wylde witnesses a kidnapping in the wake of several women missing, the only problem is that no one believes her because she’s “cried wolf” one too many times with her overactive imagination.

Review: The Memory House

I’ve never read anything by Rachel Hauck, but several people have recommended her books. Best recommendation! The Memory House is a must for your TBR list.


I’ve always been a fan of Robin Carroll, and Stratagem did not disappoint.

Review: The Ragged Edge of Night

I’m a fan of suspense (clearly), and while this book moved at a slower pace than I usually read, I enjoyed this story cover to cover.

Never Let Go

This novel definitely gives any suspense fan a thrilling ride. Plenty of action gives way to an intricate mystery to solve.

Delayed Justice

Delayed Justice is the third installment in the Hidden Justice series. It has a different feel from the other novels, but might be the best one yet

Mind Games

For fans of psychological thrillers: the name of the book rings true. The intricate plot plays with your mind and you’ll still be thinking about the book long after you finish it.

Review: Thirst of Steel

The characters you’ve fallen in love with are back, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat as Haven, Tox, Tzivia, and Ram face danger after danger.